Skysaver Rescue Device

In the event of a disaster and you can't get out of your building - now they have a rappel device that you put on like a backpack and you can safely scale the outside wall from your window. This escape can save lives. You might be having the same thought I did and wonder how much for such a [Read More]

What to Include in the Zombie Preparedness Kit

There is so little time and too much to do. The zombie preparedness kit should contain the priority items without which you are unable to survive. At the same time you should not spend too much time on these items because they may not be able to deliver as you anticipated. The kit is not a laughing [Read More]

Making Use of the Urban Survival Backpack

The urban survival backpack is your ticket out of a tricky situation. Of course we are assuming that you will have made arrangements prior to the incident. That is why many people require training so that they are not in a situation where they have to catch up with a disaster as it rages on. The [Read More]

A Guide on Zombie Preparedness

Do you ever think about zombie preparedness? Some people are broadly dismissive of the concept when they assume that it only remains in the sci-fi books. However you cannot take the risk that you are wrong. That is why it helps if you can study the subject so that you make some simple calculations [Read More]

How to Survive a Disaster Using Local Resources

Efficiency in a crisis means that you make use of the things that are surrounding you in order to deal with a problem. For example you could use rocks as a weapon if you are attacked by a wild animal. In this article we consider the scenario of a disaster (natural or man-made) in which you are [Read More]

How to Implement Urban Survival Precautions

There are certain urban survival precautions that you need to think about. They say that a person who is well prepared stands a better chance of coming out fine at the end of the disaster. However those people that are negligent will find that they are constantly putting out fires. The problem that [Read More]